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I am always seeking new forms and expressional techniques while trying to stay true to the classical traditions of the world of art. I believe that emotional charge and adventurous nature translated in the blasts of vivid colors and the special light-emitting space of a painting would invoke positive emotions in the viewers’ souls, helping them to break away from the dull side of everyday life. I am trying to live an interesting life, drawing my inspiration from poetry, music, travel across the world, sailing, and the amazing people I meet in the process. I do believe that "beauty will save the world".

October 20, 2010

Here is a momentJust before our "Vertinsky " evening. The poetry and music performance by The Russian theatre on Falconer Drive, Mississauga. I did t the stage decorations. Yes, I made all those vinyls from the garbage bags. Didn't break the budget ;-))



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October 09, 2010

October 08, 2010

Graphite on paper

This kind of exercises i decided to practice for some times now. Two hours pose.
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October 01, 2010

Life draving at TSA

10, 15 min sketches in Toronto School of Arts . 24x36" newsprint , conte

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Life draving at Artists25 studio

20 min sketch last tuesday night . 24x36" newspring , conte
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